Posted on Thursday 15th November, 2018


Gaining accreditation as a Masters Swimming Club Coach can be a rewarding personal experience and a valuable contribution to Masters swimming clubs. It will give you the skills to provide coaching at your club and guide your swimmers towards their goals. Once completed your qualifications will be recognised by Sports Australia National Coaching Accreditation Scheme.

There are different ways to become an accredited Masters Swimming Club Coach.
The Accreditation Pathway Guide  provides an outline of the pathway and steps required to gain MSA Club Coach Accreditation.

Upcoming Workshops and Courses

branch date sanction number venue
ASCTA 2 – 5 May CC002/19 Brisbane Convention Centre
MSV 19 May CC005/18 Harold Holt Swim Centre
MSWA 9 June CC001/19 TBC

Pathways to Accreditation – Club Coach Course

Pathway 1 – Group A

If you have never Coached before you follow Group A pathway.

Pathway 2 – Group B

If you have coached, assisted, supported or observed a Masters or other adult swim squad under the supervision of a qualified coach for a minimum of 10 hrs you follow Group B pathway.

Pathway 3 – Group C

If you have assisted or coached age-group swimmers and observed a Masters or other adult swim squad under the supervision of a qualified coach for a minimum of 5 hrs you follow Group C pathway.

Pathway 4 – Group D

If you hold a current SAL Bronze (or higher) licence but have little or no experience coaching adults or if you hold a current Bronze licence or higher, but have little or no experience coaching adults, you can register for the Masters Swimming Australia Club Coach Course through
EITHER: Masters Swimming Australia and follow Group D pathway
Swimming Australia

Pathway 3 – Recognition of Current Competency (RCC)

If you have qualifications and significant prior learning and experience relevant to coaching adult swimmers. Coaches are able to apply to Masters Swimming Australia (MSA) for recognition of current competency (RCC) from prior learning and experience. RCC is a pathway toward achieving the MSA Club Coach Accreditation and will be granted when all the stated Learning Outcomes of the MSA Club Coach Course have been met, and the applicant can also show evidence of the course pre-requisites. Follow the steps to apply for Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) (link through to RCC info