Welcome to the Online Club Coach Workshop.

This pilot project aims to deliver and assess the previous face-to-face Club Coach Workshop in an online interactive format. This gives you, the participant, greater access and flexibility while adhering to the accreditation standards required by Masters Swimming Australia.

The Workshop is presented in three modules, each of which covers a number of topics. There is a mix of direct instruction, case study, guided practice and assessment.

Module One covers Coaching Philosophy, Inclusive Coaching and Goals.
Module Two covers Planning, Training Principles and Session Structure.
Module Three covers Stroke Fundamentals, Faults and Corrective Drills and Adaptive Swimming.

At the end of the Module Three, you will be required to be assessed coaching the swimmers in your squad. This assessment must be done by your Head Coach, Coach Mentor or the MSWA Coach Assessor using the Practical Assessment tool provided.

The workshop is designed for you to be able to complete at your own pace. If you wish to leave the workshop and return to finish it later, you can save your answers by clicking on the submit button at the end of each topic. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to return to your work. Please note that this is the ONLY link that will take you back to where you left off. Your name will still appear in the list for you to continue. You can then scroll through your answers to find your last completed topic and click ‘Continue’.

Once you have completed ALL topics in each module, you will receive a copy of your answers marked as correct or incorrect. There will be additional instructional material provided with any incorrect answers.
You will not be able to edit your responses after your final Submit and your name will be removed from the drop down list for this module. You will receive a link to progress to Module Two. Please read the instructions in all confirmation emails.

Each final submitted module will be assessed by the Branch Coach Educator to determine that you have demonstrated the competencies required. The Coach Educator will provide further comments and guidance at that time.

You will have an opportunity to share ideas, experiences, questions and issues with other trainees and the Coach Educator in an informal online chat. Your Branch Coach Educator will contact you to arrange an interactive Zoom session at the end of Module Three as a requirement of the Workshop.

NOTE: Your name will appear in the DropDown list for access to this Module when your payment has been processed. Please allow some time for this to be activated. If have made payment, but your name is not on the list for access, please contact Coach.education@mswa.asn.au

As this is a pilot program, your generous feedback will help up shape and enhance the course for the future.

We hope you enjoy the online workshop and the opportunity to develop your coaching knowledge and skills.

Course Curriculum

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