MSA Awards


MSA Life Membership

Masters Swimming Australia has honoured a number of volunteer members who have contributed to the management of the organisation since its inception in 1975.

The person's contribution must be of sustained excellence to the furtherance of the Association's ideals and each and everyone of them have been instrumental in the development of this great organisation.

1985Gary Stutsel OAM
NSW* Life Member MSA 1985
* Life Member MSNSW
* Honoree ISMHOF
* Australian Sports Medal, 2000
* Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) 1987
1989Glenys McDonald AMWA* Life Member MSA 1989
* Australian Sports Medal, 2000
1991Peter Gillett (dec)SA* Life Member MSA 1991
* Australian Sports Medal, 2000
1999Kay Cox OAMWA* Life Member MSA 1999
* Life Member MSWA 1983
* Life Member Carine MSWA 2020
* AUSSI Coach of the Year 1990
* Eunice Gill Award for services to coaching 1993
* Official of the Year, 1996, 2009
* Australian Sports Medal, 2000
* Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) 2012
2002Ivan WingateWA* Life Member MSA 2002
* Australian Sports Medal, 2000
2005Darryl HawkesSA* Australian Sports Medal, 2000
2006Pauline Samson OAMTAS* Life Member MSA 2006
* Life Member MSTas
* Australian Sports Medal 2000
* Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) 2021
2006Mary SweeneyQLD* Life Member MSA 2006
* Life Member MSQ
* 10 Years Continuous Service MSA 2005
* Australian Sports Medal 2000
2007David CumminsWA* Life Member MSA 2007
* 10 Years Continuous Service MSA 2005
* Australian Centenary Medal 2003
* Australian Sports Medal 2000
2011John PughTAS* Life Member MSA 2011
2016Gerry Tucker OAMVIC* Life Member MSA 2016
* Life Member Malvern Marlins MSV 2007
2020John PollockNT* Life Member MSA 2020

Coach of the Year

This award provides the opportunity for members to recognise the very valuable contribution that coaching makes to Masters Swimming.

Masters Swimming Australia announces the Coach of the Year winner at the National Championship Presentation Dinner each year, with the winner receiving a trophy in recognition of their achievement. The winner is also presented a trophy at the ASCTA National Conference.

Congratulations to MSA 2022 COACH OF THE YEAR - Kerry-Ann Michels.
Kerry-Ann is a member, current coach and Vice President of Blacktown Masters Swimming Club. Kerry’s philosophy as a coach is to support all swimmers in achieving their goals and personal bests, regardless of their ability. Kerry has a natural love and passion for coaching which is constantly demonstrated in her willingness to learn and understand, not only to achieve results for our swimmers, but to also further her abilities to make herself a better coach and grow within the squad. Kerry’s coaching has reaped rewards, not only for the Club, but for individual swimmers. The clubs recent success at the MSA National Championships show how all this hard work is paying off! Congratulation Kerry on a well-deserved award.

Image: Kerry-Ann receiving her MSA 2022 COY Award at the Presentation Dinner by MSA Life Member John Pugh

Year Coach of the Year Masters Club
2022 Kerry-Anne Michels Blacktown Masters (NSW)
2021 Eleanor Parsons Claremont Masters (WA)
2020 Greg Gourley Tuggeranong (NSW)
2019 Greg Gourley Tuggeranong (NSW)
2018 Greg Lewin Ryde AUSSI (NSW)
2017 Peter Johnston Merrylands (NSW)
2016 Sari Galsworthy Fremantle Finns  (WA)
2015 Katya Anderson Superfins (WA)
2014 Anne Smyth Tuggeranong (NSW)
2013 Peter Johnston Merrylands (NSW )
2012 Brenton Ford Powerpoints (VIC)
2011 Danny Crowe Wett Ones (NSW)
2010 Francis Godden Doncaster Dolphins (VIC)
2009 Vicky Watson Ryde AUSSI Masters (NSW)
2008 Patrick Devine Malvern Marlins (VIC)
2007 Francis Godden Doncaster Dolphins (VIC)
2006 not awarded
2005 Nicole Badani Armadale (WA)
2004 Louise Stovin-Bradford Seaside Pirates (NSW)
2003 Caryn Kiellor West Coast (WA)
2002 Vanessa Smith Wett Ones (NSW)
2001 Jeff Price Seaside Pirates (NSW)
2000 Louise Stovin-Bradford Seaside Pirates (NSW)
1999 Rod Porteous Gladstone (QLD)
1998 Alina Graham NW United Sharx (QLD)
1997 Rod Porteous Gladstone (QLD)
1996 Peter Jackson Warringah (NSW)
1995 Susette Pow Osborne Park (WA)
1994 Elly Fleig Adelaide Masters (SA)
1993 Ed Peters Leeming (WA)
1992 Neroli Nixon Doncaster Dolphins (VIC)
1991 Anita Killmier Powerpoints (VIC)
1990 Anita Killmier Powerpoints (VIC)
1989 Kay Cox Carine (WA)

Official of the Year

This award provides the opportunity for members to recognise the very valuable contribution that Officials make to Masters Swimming.

Masters Swimming Australia announces the Official of the Year winner at the National Championship Presentation Dinner each year, with the winner receiving a trophy in recognition of their achievement.

Congratulations to Di Partridge for being awarded the MSA 2022 OFFICIAL OF THE YEAR .
Di is a member of Cessnock Masters Swimming Inc. NSW. Di has been a member of the National Technical Committee since 2016 and has been a member of MSA for over 19 years. Di ran courses for technical officials on demand during 2022 which included both face to face and online catering for as many members as possible. She also mentors and trains all new officials in NSW from timekeepers to referees. At a National level, Di reviewed training procedures to assist with the online education migration and has spent hours of volunteer’s hours on pool deck as a referee. Thankyou Di, a wonderful achievement. It is Volunteers like you that help make masters swimming a wonderful community.

Year Official of the Year Branch
2022 Di Partridge NSW
2021 Lynne Duncan WA
2020 Not Awarded
2019 Neil Mitchell VIC
2018 Sue Pow WA
2017 Pamela Walter WA
2016 Phillip Beames SA
2015 Ken Phillips WA
2014 Ron Gray WA
2013 Jodie Burke NSW
2012 Diane Partridge NSW
2011 Karen Patrick QLD
2010 Noel Partridge NSW
2009 Deryn Thomas VIC
2008 Kay Cox WA
2007 Sue Johnstone NSW
2006 Peter Maloney WA
2005 Jane Noake NSW
2004 Ken Liddy QLD
2003 not awarded
2002 not awarded
2001 not awarded
2000 Stan Pearson QLD
1999 not awarded
1998 Ivan Wingate SA
1997 Robin Sweeney QLD
1996 Kay Cox WA
1995 Pauline Samson TAS

Volunteer of the Year

Masters Swimming Australia (MSA) has identified that there are many members who make wonderful contributions to Masters Swimming in Australia at club, state, national and/or international levels.

In December 2016, the Branch Delegates agreed to establish a new award to recognise and reward an individual who has been an outstanding volunteer at the National level.

This new award is for the National level only. Nominations are welcome from Branches and the NBM who wish to recognise a member who has made a valuable contribution to our sport at the national level in any given year. This could have been as a National Championship organising committee member, National Committee Chairperson or member, National Board member, National Director, National Delegate, etc.

The award recipient will be selected by the National Board of Management and be presented with their award at the annual National Championships Presentation Function.

The MSA Volunteer of the Year will not be selected from Branch award winners.

The MSA Volunteer of the Year does not have to be a member of MSA.

2022Kim TylerKim, a member of the Freemantle Masters in WA is the winner of the 2022 Volunteer of the Year Award. Kim is a qualified Masters Swimming Club Coach is a MSWA and National Coach Educator and member of the National Coaching Committee and her constant support in 2022 to evolve and monitor the MSA Online Coaching Course as a National asset is felt across the country with over 400 coaches registering online since its launch in March 2021.
2021Andrea McNeil (OAM)Andrea from the Malvern Marlins, has been an extraordinary MSA Board member and Finance Director during 2021,
providing various financial reports to the monthly NBM meetings. Andrea also provided
additional support to the National Office, whether sourcing grant opportunities, sharing
news articles or calling for a chat, Andrea was always in contact especially during the difficult
times of lockdown in Victoria. Andrea has been a valued liaison between the NCC and NBM
since taking on the role as an observer on the NCC to assist with better communication
throughout the organisation.
2020Pauline Samson (OAM)Pauline from Talays, is a MSA Life Member and the National Recorder. During 2020, Pauline worked on, and finished, updating, organising and correcting records in the National results
portal. This was a herculean effort. She has since turned her eye for detail on updating all the world records in the records/results portal since the Fina Masters website
revamp meant the historical Masters World Records have not been available for viewing.
This impacted MSA’s ability to import the current records into our records/results portal as the link to do this no longer existed.
2019Not Awarded
2018Mark HeppleMark, from Hills AUSSI (MSNSW) went above and well beyond the call of duty over many days, weeks and months in guiding the MSA Administration teams from each of our Branches to assist them with the creation our new National and Branch websites.

His patience, informative help sheets, persuasive techniques and above all good humour enabled us to complete the majority of the new websites in 2018. He often spotted and sourced solutions to any problems before we even knew we had them. He was fantastic, caring and nothing was too hard.

Well done Mark.
2017Bruce AllenderBruce, from the Malvern Marlins (MSV) is a champion for masters swimming coaches and won the inaugural MSA 2017 Volunteer of the Year Award.

During 2017 as Chair of the National Coaching Committee, Bruce presented reports to the MSA Board meeting, attending in person the 2017 MSA Spring General Meeting to present the NCC Report, he successfully petitioned for 2018 to be the Year of the Coach – to promote the role of coaches in the Club network, and for financial support from MSA for training of Club Coaches.

He also coordinated the updates of the Club Coaching course in 2017 and the By Laws that pertain to the NCC. Bruce assesses Club Coach applications and if required tutors prospective Coaches through the process for accreditation.
Bruce received a Meritorious Service award from MSA in 2015 and MSV in 2017.
Congratulations Bruce!

National Championship Awards

Founder's Cup

Awarded to the National Champion Club with the highest point score at the conclusion of the National Championships. The original trophy was donated by Frank Sykes but when it was damaged it was replaced in 1982 by Mary Connolly (National Treasurer 1976-84) to commemorate Jack Brownjohn's contribution to establish Masters Swimming in Australia.

  • 2023 Malvern Marlins (VIC)

Runners Up Trophy

Awarded to the club with the second highest point score at the conclusion of the National Championships. The original trophy was donated by A.C.T. A.U.S.S.I. and replaced in 2005.

  • 2023 Powerpoints (VIC)

Visitor's Trophy

The Visitors Trophy is awarded to the club with highest point score at the conclusion of the National Championships that is a member of a Branch other than the Host Branch. Up to the 2005 National Swim, the award was given to the top scoring Club whose regular swim venue is more than 100km from the National Championships venue by the most direct road route. From the 2006 National Swim onwards the award has been given to the top scoring visitors club, i.e. the club that is a member of a Branch other than the Host Branch. The original trophy was donated by St. Leonard's Travel.

  • 2023Blacktown Masters (NSW)

President's Trophy

New in 2014, the Presidents Trophy is for Clubs with 21-50 members. Rewards performance & participation. Number of points gained at the meet divided by membership.

  • 2023 North Shore (NSW)

Life Member's Trophy

New in 2014, the Life Members Trophy is for Clubs with 5-20 members. Rewards performance & participation. No of points gained at the Meet divided by membership at end of previous year.

  • 2023 Townsville Aquaholics (QLD)

Swimmer of the Meet - Male

The Vorgee Male Swimmer of the Meet Trophy is awarded to the swimmer with the highest points at the conclusion of the National Championships

  • 2023 Paul Blackbeard (Claremont)

Swimmer of the Meet - Female

The Vorgee female Swimmer of the Meet Trophy is awarded to the swimmer with the highest points at the conclusion of the National Championships

  •  2023 Lisandra de Carvalho (Powerpoints)

National Heart Foundation Trophy

The National Heart Foundation Trophy was introduced by the ACT Branch for their first National Swim in 1985 in recognition of the Heart Foundation’s support for the office services they gave to the Branch. The National Heart Foundation Trophy is awarded by the host Branch to a National swim participant who has shown steady progress over the past 12 months, diligent attendance at training sessions and an interest in helping others improve their fitness. discontinued in 2014
Masters Swimmer of the Year is for the swimmer gaining the highest number of points over a calendar year in competition in FINA recognised meets, with the points to be the sum of those for the best five swims, calculated using the current FINA points system.



2022 Tony Goodwin
The Masters Swimmer of 2022 winner is Tony Goodwin from Manly Masters Swimming Club in NSW. Tony’s determination and dedication to swimming was outstanding in 2022 winning 9 FINA World Records and 20 National Records.
2021 John Cocks
Coming from Victoria in a year impacted again by Covid, John’s determination and dedication to swimming was outstanding winning 4 Fina World Records competing at Championships held in 2 different Branches when travelling was restricted.
2019 Clary Munns
In 2019 Clary won an amazing 14 Fina World Records.  Clary is constantly seen on pool deck giving tips to other swimmers and encouraging their swims. It is always special for a Masters swimmer to receive encouragement from one of our World Record holders let alone a multiple world record holder with Clary's history in the sport.
2018 Jenny Whiteley
In 2018 Jenny broke an incredible 11 Fina World Records, swam in all 62 E-1000 swims and broke nearly 40 National Records.
2017 Tony Goodwin
Tony (Manly Masters) broke an amazing 9 Fina World Records in 2017, as well as 30 National Records.  At the 2017 FINA Masters World Championships in Budapest, he claimed gold in the 200m breaststroke, silver in the 100m breaststroke, 50 m Butterfly and 200 m individual medley and bronze in the 50 m breaststroke.
2016 Clary Munns
Clary Munns (Blacktown) - more details to come