Masters Swimming Australia Inc. is an incorporated Association (no. A0042945L) incorporated in the State of Victoria in 2002. The Association is governed by a Constitution and By-Laws with a National Board of Management.

According to the constitution, the National Board of Management (NBM) comprises the President and four other elected members.  There are two General Meetings involving the Branches, one of which is the Annual General Meeting held in autumn usually in conjunction with the annual National Championships.  The other meeting is held in spring.  There are three permanent national committees.  They are Coaching, Swim Meet and Technical.

The NBM is responsible for the governance and overall direction of the organisation, with the day-to-day running of the organisation being the responsibility of the staff in the National Office.  A General Manager (reporting directly to the NBM) manages the administration staff and the office.  The National Office also services the Victorian Branch by performing its administrative duties.

We are pleased to introduce you to our 2022/23 National Board of Management

MSA President – Jane Noake 

Date Commenced: April 2018
Period of Appointment: 2 year (AGM 2023)

MSA Finance Director – Ryan Harley

Date Commenced: April 2022
Period of Appointment: 2 year (AGM 2024)

MSA NBM Director – Andrea McNeil OAM

Date Commenced: May 2017
Period of Appointment: 2 years (AGM 2024)

MSA NBM Director – Robert Hardie

Date Commenced: April 2020
Period of Appointment: 2 years (AGM 2024)

MSA NBM Director – Jodie Quinn

Date Commenced: April 2021
Period of Appointment: 2 year (AGM 2023)

MSA Committees 2022-2023
National Swim Meet CommitteeNational Coaching Committee
Chair – Jane Noake (NSW) 2022Chair – Di Coxon-Ellis (NSW)2022
Leanne Beames (SA)2023Jacinta Stirrat (NT)2022
Richard Hughes (WA2023Greg Gourley (NSW)2022
Susanne Milenkevich (QLD2023Kim Tyler (WA)2023
Elena Nesci (WA)2023
Bruce Allender (QLD)2023
Anne Smyth (NSW)2023
National RecorderPhillip Tyrell (TAS)2023
Pauline Samson (TAS)MSA Life MemberAmy Jones (VIC)2023
National Technical CommitteeNational Membership Committee
Chair – Lynne Duncan (WA)2022Chair - Robert Hardie (NBM, NSW)2023
Phil Beames (SA)2023James Watson (NSW)2023
Simon Bole-Brown (VIC)2022Dennice Allen (VIC)2022
John Barrett (QLD)2023Kate Baxter (WA)2022
Neil Keele (NSW)2022Julie Bott (QLD)2022
Diane Partridge (NSW)2022Giorgio Romano (NT)2023
Ray Brien (Tas)2023Jo Trim (VIC)2023
MSA Sub-committee 2022-2023
National Open Water Sub-committee
Chair - Shayne Baker (QLD)2022
Jac Stirrat (NT)2022
Paul Beukleman (QLD)2022
Philip Tyrell (TAS)2022
Jason Bryce (VIC)2022
Rowena Burch (WA)2022


Staff of the Association
General Manager – Sarah Pisterman:
Bookkeeper – Gerard Russell:
Administration Manager – Kath Davis:
IT Support – Mark Hepple
Compliance & Governance Officer – Lyndall Johnson
National Coaching Education Coordinator – Rob Wilson
Project Manager – Simon Watkins