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The Vorgee Million Metre Awards acknowledge progress from the “learn to swim” beginner to the distance swimmer. These awards are intended to stimulate members to strive for greater fitness and are open to all registered members of Masters Swimming Australia.


The Million Metre Awards were originally launched in the late 1970’s under the sponsorship of City Mutual and they have had some minor tweaking over the years.

The latest version of the Million Metre Awards were established in 2001 for one, three, and ten million metres. In 2004, they were expanded to include five and seven million metres. In 2007, the two million metre award was added. In 2008, the Vorgee Million Metres Award was expanded to recognise swimmers who attain fifteen million metres and above. In more recent times, we’ve been very excited to add the Twenty Million Metres Award to provide ongoing recognition of those who continue to excel in long distance swimming.

Vorgee became a sponsor of Masters Swimming Australia in 2007 and were thrilled to become the naming rights sponsor of the Million Metre Awards, as one of the many programs that they support across the masters swimming organisations. They have provided certificates, prizes, trophies and the clothing awards since then and allow us to reward the members who clock up an incredible number of metres in the water.

Million Metres Awards

Upon successful completion of each distance, members are awarded with the following:

ONE MILLION polo shirt and certificate
TWO MILLION polo shirt and certificate
THREE MILLION polar fleece, engraved plaque, and a certificate
FOUR MILLION polo shirt, engraved plaque and certificate
FIVE MILLION polo shirt, engraved plaque, certificate, and Vorgee gift pack
SEVEN MILLION polar fleece vest, engraved plaque, certificate, and Vorgee gift pack
TEN MILLION Nitro jacket, engraved plaque, certificate, and Vorgee gift pack (10 mil)
FIFTEEN MILLION Nitro jacket, engraved plaque, certificate, and Vorgee gift pack (15 mil)
TWENTY MILLION Nitro jacket, engraved plaque, certificate, and Vorgee gift pack (20 mil)
TWENTY-FIVE MILLION Nitro jacket, engraved plaque, certificate, and Vorgee gift pack (25 mil)

All garments are embroidered with the Masters Swimming Australia logo, the Vorgee logo, the words “One (two, three, four, five, seven, ten, fifteen,  twenty and twenty-five) Million Metre Club”, and the recipient’s name.

Members who complete each distance become members of the Million Metres Club.

Million Metres Club

Vida Goodvach Darwin Stingers 2021
Christine Hayhoe Molonglo Water Dragons 2021
Barry Bastow Bunbury Masters Swimming Club 2021
Matt Stoker Guildford & Kalamunda Masters Swimming 2021
Richard George Busselton Masters Swimming Club 2021
Rhonda Pearsall Busselton Masters Swimming Club 2021
Helmut Klein Clarence River 2021
Geoffrey Llewellyn Molonglo Water Dragons 2021
Jen Casotti Guildford and Kalamunda 2021
Sue Tompkins Seaside Pirates 2021
David McIvor Devonport Devils 2021
AnneMaree Grainger Port Macquarie Masters 2020
Brinlei Baxter Raymond Terrace 2020
Anthea Gupta Wollongong Masters 2020
Joan Bratton Ginninderra Masters 2020
Kylie Lane Tuggeranong Vikings 2020
J Barry Lloyd Noosa Masters Queensland 2020
Aaron Cleland Blacktown Beavers 2020
James Pelosa Campbelltown Collegians AUSSI Masters 2020
Yumi Brown Aquadome Otters 2019
Ruth Andrew Beatty Park Masters 2019
Al Byrne Tuggeranong Vikings 2019
Paul Mayberry Twin Towns 2019
Peter Duggan Malvern Marlins 2019
Richard Phillips Tuggeranong Vikings 2019
Jenny Hookey Surrey Park Seahorses 2019
Donna Campbell Tuggeranong Vikings 2019
Suzie Haddad Campbelltown 2019
Stephen Booker Brisbane Northside Masters 2019
Alison Davenport Gladstone Gropers 2019
Jacinta Stirrat Darwin Stingers 2019
Jane Lindsay Tuggeranong Masters 2019
Ricky Homan Devonport Devils 2019
Leonie Crompton Twin Towns 2019
Jill van de Ruit Bunbury Masters 2019
Leanne Da Costa Coffs Harbour 2019
Stephen Booker Brisbane Northside 2019
Jane Davies Darwin Stingers 2018
Jeanette Casotti Swan Hills 2018
Andrew Sugerman Cronulla Sutherland 2018
Elaine Beavis Twin Towns 2018
Janet Bell Aquadome Otters 2018
Jo Matthews Noosa Masters 2018
Marin Slunjski Henley Beach Masters 2018
Melinda Lutton Noarlunga Masters 2018
Naomi McGilvray North Mackay Sinkers 2018
Robin Carson Novocastrian Masters 2018
Tomasz Dobrzanski Claremont Masters 2018
David Lovering Marion Masters 2017
Imogen O'Neill Castle Hill RSL 2017
Jane Waddleton Tuggeranong Masters 2017
Joanne Weir Onkaparinga Swimming Club 2017
John Collis Molonglo Water Dragons 2017
Margaret Larkin Molonglo Water Dragons 2017
Minnie Smith Twin Towns 2017
Patricia Burton Claremont Masters 2017
Pauline Tauschke Darwin Stingers 2017
Richard Jasko Onkaparinga 2017
Roger Cunnington Albany Masters 2017
Russell Merrick Blue Mountains 2017
Sue Lyon Surrey Park Seahorses 2017
Carol-Ann Infante Claremont 2016
Catherine Alexander Tuggeranong 2016
Christopher Frey Darwin Stingers 2016
Dee Greenwood Surrey Park Seahorses 2016
Donna French Hobart Aquatic Masters 2016
Fran Moroney Gladstone Gropers 2016
Graeme Williams Ipswich City Masters 2016
Jenna Freeman Tuggeranong 2016
John Middleton Marion Masters 2016
Katrina Burgess Tuggeranong 2016
Kim Morgans Clarence River 2016
Mark O'Sullivan Coogee Randwick 2016
Robert Hurren Logan Aquatic Masters 2016
Robert Kirkbride Oak Flats 2016
Robin Griffiths Blue Mountains Phoenix 2016
Shiralee Bielenberg Ipswich City Masters 2016
William Eversham Tuggeranong 2016
Alison Green Gladstone Gropers 2015
David Lovering Marion Masters 2015
Georgy Falster Marion Masters 2015
Jane Lawrence Clarence River 2015
Jennifer Mulqueen Tea Tree Gully Masters 2015
Jillian Pateman Blue Mountains Phoenix 2015
Leisa Cass Tuggernanong 2015
Margaret Sadow Singleton Masters 2015
Patricia O'Brien-Price Darwin Stingers 2015
Paul Baliey Warringah Masters 2015
Rowena Burch Armadale Masters 2015
Studley Martin Noosa Masters 2015
Susan McCaughtrie Duck Creek Mountain 2015
Trudy Zussino Gladstone Gropers 2015
Valerie Hristova Darwin Stingers 2015
Angela Cahill Ipswich City 2014
Ashley Chaplyn Cockburn Masters 2014
Iain Cox Castle Hill 2014
Katie Lewis Campbelltown 2014
Kaye Turner Twin Towns 2014
Matthew Cranley Noarlunga Masters 2014
Nicholas Grinter Sutherland Sandburn 2014
Patricia Lewis Campbelltown 2014
Sally Hatcher Penrith Masters 2014
Scott Andrews Castle Hill RSL 2014
Allaine Stent Twin Towns 2013
Andrea Morton Stadium Snappers 2013
Anne Smyth
Tuggeranong 2013
Anne-Marie Polomka Henley Beach 2013
Audrey Bullough Stadium Snappers 2013
Caroline Makin Tuggeranong 2013
Cecelia Kaye Tuggeranong 2013
Craig Smith Marion Masters 2013
David Davies Carine Masters 2013
John Miles Sunshine Coast 2013
Marion Dreyer Ettalong Pelicans 2013
Michele Kline Hobart Aquatic 2013
Peter Kaupert Warringah Masters 2013
Stephen Murray Sutherland Sandbern 2013
Adam Parker Cockburn Masters 2012
Adrian Tonkin Darwin Stingers 2012
Andrea Hutchinson Logan 2012
Anne Edmondson Stadium Snappers 2012
Carl Wallace Novocastrian Masters 2012
Christine Clough Campbelltown 2012
David Bale Tuggeranong Masters 2012
Jamie Turner Ryde Aussi Masters 2012
Janelle Hastie Ipswich 2012
Jonathan Slight Western Alligators 2012
Kylie Woods Doncaster Dolphins 2012
Lyn May Twin Towns 2012
Lynne Johnston Clarence River Masters 2012
Marlene Anderson Cockburn 2012
Owen Sinden Campbelltown 2012
Pamela Munday Tuggeranong Masters 2012
Raelene Warren Casey Seals 2012
Rosemary Green Mandurah 2012
Sonia Halsvik Casey Seals 2012
Stephen Martin Cockburn Masters 2012
Steven Clough Campbelltown 2012
Sue Colyer Stadium Snappers 2012
Sue Feigler Picton 2012
Wendy Twidale Noosa Masters 2012
Alan Atherinos Gladstone Gropers 2011
Anne Reid Tuggeranong Vikings 2011
Cas Brown Stadium Snappers 2011
Darryl Flukes Surrey Park Seahorses 2011
Elizabeth Edmondson Stadium Snappers 2011
Jelle Lahnstein Adelaide Masters 2011
June Maher Stadium Snappers 2011
Karryn Butler Albany Creek 2011
Leanne Markey Noarlunga 2011
Lesley Gould Hobart Dolphins 2011
Maaike Spinks Twin Towns 2011
Michael Mansfield Duck Creek 2011
Neal Bertram Marion Marlins 2011
Robert Shand Stadium Snappers 2011
Steven Aird Hobart Aquatic Centre 2011
Theresa Elliott Stadium Snappers 2011
Andrea Dickinson Hobart Aquatic 2010
Bruce Sweeting Castle Hill RSL 2010
Colleen Garland Ettalong Pelicans 2010
Heather Cairns Launceston Lemmings 2010
Jeff Evans Townsville Masters 2010
John Reugebrink Ipswich City 2010
Marie Harris Bunbury 2010
Pat Mooney Noosa AUSSI 2010
Peter Lord Surrey Park 2010
Phil Farmer Novocastrian 2010
Rebecca Mather-Brown Katherine Kroaks 2010
Richard Barr Ettalong Pelicans 2010
Richard Braddish Ettalong Pelicans 2010
Sandra Rigby Seaside Pirates 2010
Suzanne Misson Twin Towns Services 2010
Anne Fitzpatrick Brisbane Southside 2009
Brain Cairns Noosa AUSSI Challangers 2009
Dale Atherinos Gladstone Gropers 2009
David Laws AUSSI Carine Masters 2009
Dianna Mcrae Twin Towns 2009
Dianne O'Donnell Whitsunday Warriors 2009
Dihana Poulsen Twin Towns 2009
Frank Funibaldi Trinity AUSSI Masters 2009
Graham McCallum Cairns Mudcrabs 2009
John Rayfield Albany Creek Masters 2009
Johnny MacDonald Osborne Park 2009
Karina Horton Albany Creek Masters 2009
Kay Mukai Brisbane Southside 2009
Lesa Hansen Cairns Mudcrabs 2009
Linda Hocking Twin Towns 2009
Nick Wyatt Cockburn Masters 2009
Oliver Harris Hornsby Masters 2009
Thelma Doyle Toowoomba Tadpoles 2009
Val Smith Twin Towns 2009
Angus Netting Adelaide Masters 2008
Ann Hutchings Casey Seals 2008
Ashley Welke Toowoomba Tadpoles 2008
Bill Waterhouse Toowoomba Tadpoles 2008
Brenda Day Tiggeranong Vikings 2008
David Lake Tea Tree Gully 2008
Dennis Moore Cessnock 2008
Edwin Kordt Bunbury AUSSI 2008
Ernest Emmett Novocastrian Masters 2008
Jennfier Oliver Harvey Bay Humpbacks 2008
John Gwillim Warrungah Masters 2008
John Lorang Cessnock 2008
Lesley Scott Darwin Stingers 2008
Liz Little Brisbane Northside 2008
Louis Hill Toowoomba Tadpoles 2008
Mark Thompson Campbelltown 2008
Michael Butler Barbarians 2008
Micheal Lynch Twin Towns 2008
Myola Walton Twin Towns 2008
Neville Hodges Twin Towns 2008
Noela Arundel Barbarians 2008
Patricia Moore Darwin Stingers 2008
Pauline Bailey Twin Towns 2008
Rita Pearson Rum City 2008
Robert Corskie Whitsunday 2008
Robert Kalaf Novocastrian Masters 2008
Robyn Saultry Brisbane Northside 2008
Roydon Muir Warringah Masters 2008
Sue Wiles Blue Mountains Pheonix 2008
Caireeen Zaina Rum City 2007
Christine Dennis Twin Towns 2007
Christine Porter Geelong Catfish 2007
Clinton Stanley Noosa Aussi Challengers 2007
Clive Griffin Ipswich City Masters 2007
Doug Campbell Twin Towns 2007
Jim Milne Yarra Roughies 2007
John Davis Bourne Toowoomba Tadpoles 2007
Joy Murdock Enoggera Masters 2007
Lyn Robinson Toowoomba Tadpoles 2007
Margaret Somes Stadium Snapers 2007
Nancy Haire Brisbane Southside 2007
Pat Townsend Darwin Stingers 2007
Robert Morse Noosa Aussi Challengers 2007
Steve Muir Launceston Lemmings 2007
Susanne Apted Oceana Orcas 2007
Thomas Macindoe Redcliffe Peninsula 2007
Beatie Norris Stadium Snappers 2006
Bonnie Gow Twin Towns 2006
Clifford Ryan Noosa 2006
David Misson Twin Towns 2006
Geoff Lander Noosa 2006
Gerald Kirkham Port Augusta 2006
Jane Bradley Malvern Marlins 2006
John Hammer Darwin 2006
Kent Nelson Adelaide Masters 2006
Kris Apps Talays 2006
Lynette Newman Geelong Catfish 2006
Margot Milne Geelong Catifsh 2006
Mike Dooley Brisbane Northside 2006
Robert Birch Belmont 2006
Stephen Grey Toowoomba 2006
Steve Pendlebury Talays 2006
Sue Vincent Hobart AUSSI 2006
Anne McMahon Alice Springs 2005
Bernadette Ward Rum City 2005
Betty Beaven Twin Towns Services 2005
Christine Keep Cronulla Sutherland 2005
Christopher Moore Launceston Lemmings 2005
Daphne Soppa Rum City 2005
David Falzon Western Alligators 2005
Gordon Creek Lake Macquarie Crocs 2005
Gordon Ferguson Ettalong Pelicans 2005
Graham Johnson Novocastrian 2005
Jan Penny Cairns Mudcrabs 2005
Jennifer Dooley Ripples 2005
Jilary Arber Belmont 2005
Jill Hearn Kawana Water Dragons 2005
Joe Gilbert Noosa Challengers 2005
John Havilah Noosa Challengers 2005
John Marshall Malvern Marlins 2005
June Newland Twin Towns Services 2005
Katrina Hicks Canberra North 2005
Margot Irwin Miami 2005
Merilyn Burbidge Stadium Snappers 2005
Michael Scott Westcoast Masters 2005
Moira Wigley Darwin 2005
Penny Green Osborne Park 2005
Peter Jellis Fremantle 2005
Phil Venables Launceston Lemmings 2005
Rob Hamilton Talays 2005
Rod Oliver Launceston Lemmings 2005
Simon Olden Launceston Lemmings 2005
Tania Olden Launceston Lemmings 2005
Terry Gainey West Auburn 2005
Thomas Jane Sunshine Coast 2005
Vicki Davies Sunshine Coast 2005
Yumi Brown Aquadome Otters 2021
Suzie Haddad Campbelltown 2021
Sue Tompkins Seaside Pirates 2021
Rowena Burch Armadale Masters Swimming Club 2021
Paul Mayberry Twin Towns 2021
Valerie Hristova Darwin Stingers 2021
Mel Lutton Noarlunga Masters 2020
James Pelosa Campbelltown Collegians 2020
Jane Waddleton Tuggeranong Vikings 2020
Jane Davies Darwin Stingers 2020
Naomi McGilvray North Mackay Sinkers 2020
Rick Homan Devonport Devils 2020
Jacinta Stirrat Darwin Stingers 2020
Imogen O'Neill Castle Hill RSL 2019
Jo Matthews Noosa Masters Swimming 2019
John Collis Molonglo Water Dragons 2019
Christopher Frey Darwin Stingers 2019
Marin Slunjski Henley Beach Masters 2019
Katrina Burgess Tuggeranong 2019
Catherine Watmough Surrey Park Seahorses 2018
Sue Lyon Surrey Park Seahorses 2018
Imogen O'Neill Castle Hill RSL 2018
Jack Belfer Henley Beach Masters 2018
Shiralee Bielenberg Ipswich City Masters 2018
Cecelia Kaye Tuggeranong Masters 2018
Fran Moroney Gladstone Gropers 2018
Graeme Williams Ipswich City Masters 2018
Liz Little Brisbane Northside 2018
Robert Kirkbride Oak Flats Aussi Masters 2018
Alison Green Gladstone Gropers 2017
Andrea Hutchinson Logan Aquatic Masters 2017
Ashley Chaplyn Cockburn Masters 2017
Jenna Freeman Tuggeranong Vikings 2017
Kaye Turner Twin Towns 2017
Kerryn Blanch West Auburn Masters 2017
Lesley Gould Hobart Dolphins 2017
Margaret Sadow Singleton Masters 2017
Matthew Cranley Noarlunga Masters Swimming 2017
Studley Martin Noosa Masters 2017
Anne Edmonson Stadium Masters 2016
Craig Smith Marion Masters 2016
David Lovering Marion Masters 2016
Dee Greenwood Surrey Park Seahorses 2016
Donna French Hobart Aquatic Masters 2016
Jane Lawrence Clarence River 2016
John Miles Sunshine Coast Masters 2016
John Rayfield Albany Creek Masters 2016
Lyn May Twin Towns Masters 2016
Marlene Anderson Cockburn Masters 2016
Suzanne Misson Twin Towns 2016
Adam Parker Cockburn Masters 2015
Ann Reid Tuggernaong Masters 2015
Anne Smyth Tuggernanong Masters 2015
Caroline Makin Tuggeranong Masters 2015
David Davies Carine Masters 2015
David G Bale Tuggernanong Masters 2015
Heather Butler Albany Creek Masters 2015
Jennifer Mulqueen Tee Tree Gully Masters 2015
Jim Milne Yarra Roughies 2015
John Reugebrink Ipswich City 2015
Neal Bertram Marion Masters 2015
Nicholas Grinter Sutherland Sandbern 2015
Paul Bailey Warringah Masters 2015
Peter Kaupert Warringah Masters 2015
Peter Lord Surrey Park Seahorses 2015
Sally Hatcher Penrith Masters 2015
Scott Andrews Castle Hill RSL 2015
Wendy Twidale Noosa Masters 2015
 Adrian Tonkin Darwin Stingers 2014
 David Laws Carine Masters 2014
 Jamie Turner  Ryde AUSSI 2014
 Katie Lewis Campbelltown 2014
 Leanne Markey Noarlunga Masters 2014
 Patricia Lewis Campbelltown 2014
 Rosemary Green Mandurah Masters 2014
 Steven Aird Hobart Aquatic 2014
Kylie Woods Bushrangers 2014
Darryl Flukes Surrey Park Seahorses 2013
Heather Carins Launceston Lemmings 2013
Jelle Lahnstein Adelaide Masters 2013
Lesa Hansen Cenrtal Cairns Masters 2013
Lynne Johnston Clarence River 2013
Michele Kline Hobart Aquatic Masters 2013
Patricia Moore Darwin Stingers 2013
Richard Braddish
Ettalong Pelicans 2013
Theresa Elliott Stadium Snappers 2013
Andrea Dickinson Hobart Aquatic Centre 2012
Dennis Moore CessnockMasters 2012
Karina Horton Albany Creek 2012
Russell Thompson Ettalong Pelicans Net 2012
Brain Cairns Noosa AUSSI 2011
Brenda Day Tuggeranong Vikings 2011
David Misson Twin Towns 2011
Hilary Arber Belmont 2011
Michael Lynch Twin Towns 2011
Sandi Rigby Seaside Pirates 2011
Sue Vincent Hobart Dolphins 2011
Susanne Apted Hobart Aquatic Centre 2011
Bob Burggraaff Raymond Terrace 2010
Bob Morse Noosa AUSSI 2010
Gerald Kirkham Port Augusta 2010
Gordon Ferguson Ettalong Pelicans 2010
Kay Corskie Whitsunday Warriors 2010
Mark Thomspon Campbelltown Collegians 2010
Nancy Haire Brisbane Southside 2010
Oliver Harris Hornsby 2010
Sue Wiles Blue Mountains 2010
Clive Griffin Ipswich City Masters 2009
Doris Howe Rum City Masters 2009
John Havilah Noosa AUSSI Masters 2009
Joy Murdock Enoggera Masters 2009
Ken McDonald Uni Wahoos 2009
Leonie Wood Hoppers Crossing 2009
Michael Butler Barbarians 2009
Nick Wyatt Cockburn Masters 2009
Peter O'Sullivan Trinity AUSSI Masters 2009
Roger Dibden Logan Aquatic Masters 2009
Steve Muir Launceston Lemmings 2009
Anne Horner Talays 2008
Barbara Briggs Campbelltown 2008
Christ Moore Launceston Lemmings 2008
David Falzon Western Alligators 2008
David Maynard Twin Towns 2008
David Roberts Whitsunday AUSSI Masters 2008
Don Bondfield Twin Towns 2008
Doreen Bondfield Twin Towns 2008
Geoff Lander Noosa Aussi Challengers 2008
Glenn Boorn Inglewood 2008
Gordon Creek Lake Macquaire Crocs 2008
Graham Senders Bold Park Masters 2008
Helga Duncan Campbelltown 2008
Jen Thomasson Southside Masters 2008
Joe Gilbert Noosa Aussi Challengers 2008
John Darvenzia Innisfail Masters 2008
John Hammer Darwin Stingers 2008
John Marshall Malvern Marlins 2008
Kay Bailey Launceston Lemmings 2008
Kent Nelson Adelaide Masters 2008
Laurel O'Hallran Rum City 2008
Majory Muller Adelaide Masters 2008
Margaret Moylett Bunbury 2008
Merilyn Burbidge Stadium Snappers 2008
Moira Wigley Darwin Stingers 2008
Nerinda Murray Ripples AUSSI 2008
Tricia Summerfield Stadium Snappers 2008
Barbara Maynard Twin Towns 2007
Brian Hall Bunbury Aussi 2007
Freda Shaw Twin Towns 2007
Hector Beveridge Launceston Lemmings 2007
Paul Nilsson Nudgee Brothers 2007
Penny Davis Oceania Orcas 2007
Rob Oliver Launceston Lemmings 2007
Shirley Kerr Brisbane Northside 2007
Thelma Sharp Bunbury Aussi 2007
Tracey Clarkson Brisbane Northside 2007
Suzie Haddad Campbelltown 2021
Sue Tompkins Seaside Pirates 2021
Rowena Burch Armadale Masters Swimming Club 2021
Paul Mayberry Twin Towns 2021
Valerie Hristova Darwin Stingers 2021
Yumi Brown Aquadome Otters 2021
Shiralee Bielenberg Ipswich City Masters 2020
Marin Slunjski Henley Beach Masters 2020
Leila Nazimi Henley Beach Masters 2020
Ann Reid Tuggeranong Vikings 2020
Kay Bailey Launceston Lemmings 2020
Neal Bertram Henley Beach Masters 2020
Shiralee Bielenberg Ipswich City Masters 2020
Peter Lord Surrey Park Seahorses 2019
Graeme Williams Ipswich City Masters 2019
Robert Kirkbride Oak Flats Aussi 2018
Richard Sargent Brisbane Northside Masters Swimming 2018
Anne Edmondson Stadium Masters 2018
Anne Smyth Tuggeranong 2018
Bob Tarr Perth City 2018
John Miles Sunshine Coast 2018
Dee Greenwood Surrey Park Seahorses 2018
Dennis Moore Cessnock Masters 2018
Nicholas Grinter Sutherland Sandbern 2017
Pat Lewis Campbelltown 2017
Kylie Woods Bushrangers 2017
Caroline Makin Tuggeranong 2017
Rosemary Green Mandurah 2017
David G Bale Tuggeranong Vikings 2017
Neil Thies Noarlunga Masters 2017
Myola Walton Twin Towns Masters 2016
Darryl Flukes Surrey Park Seahorses 2016
Jelle Lahnstein Adelaide Masters 2016
Adrian Tonkin Darwin Stingers 2016
Peter Kaupert Warringah Masters 2016
Sally Hatcher Penrith Masters 2016
Steve Richards Hobart Dolphins 2016
Donna French Hobart Aquatic Masters 2016
David Davies Carine Masters 2016
Gordon Ferguson Ettalong Pelicans 2015
Richard Fox Claremont Masters 2015
Theresa Elliott Claremont Masters 2015
Jennifer Mulqueen Tea Tree Gully Masters 2015
David Misson Twin Towns 2015
Jamie Turner Ryde Masters 2015
Pam Walker Melville Masters 2014
Angus Netting Adelaide Masters 2014
Mark Thompson Campbelltown 2014
Sandi Rigby Seaside Pirates 2014
Karina Horton Albany Creek 2014
Brenda Day Tuggeranong 2014
Freda Shaw Twin Towns 2014
Patricia Moore Darwin Stingers 2014
Leanne Markey Noarlunga Masters 2014
Katie Lewis Campbelltown Collegians 2014
 Gerald Kirkham Port Augusta Masters 2014
Lesa Hansen Central Cairns 2014
Leonie Wood Hoppers Crossing 2013
Sue Wiles Blue Mountains Pheonix 2013
Geoff Lander Noosa Masters 2013
Michele Kline Hobart Aquatic Masters 2013
Andrea Dickinson Hobart Aquatic Masters 2013
Thelma Sharp Bunbury Masters 2013
Barbara Maynard Twin Towns 2013
Michael Lynch Twin Towns 2013
David Maynard Twin Towns 2013
Nancy Haire Manly Brisbane Masters 2013
Conrad Gleeson Twin Towns 2013
Robert Burggraaff Raymond Terrace 2013
Bevan Goodreid Cockburn Masters 2013
Nick Wyatt Cockburn Masters 2013
 Pamela Nix Nelson Bay Dolphins 2013
Jocy Anderson Talays Masters 2013
Roger Dibden Logan Aquatic 2011
Barbara Briggs
Campbelltown 2011
Oliver Harris Hornsby Masters 2011
Tracey Clarkson Brisbane Northside 2011
Tricia Summersfield Stadium Snappers 2011
Kent Nelson Adelaide Masters 2011
Annette Philpot Talays 2011
Nerida Murray NBM 2011
Janet Henry Twin Towns 2011
Rod Oliver Launceston Lemmings 2011
Hector Beveridge Launceston Lemmings 2011
Steve Muir Launceston Lemmings 2011
Bob Morse Noosa Masters 2011
Bob McCausland Noosa Masters 2011
John Marshall Malvern Marlins 2011
Clive Griffen Ipswich City Masters 2011
Brian Cairns Noosa Masters 2011
Merilyn Burbidge Stadium Snappers 2011
Paul Nilsson Nudgee Brothers 2010
Perri Brereton Talays 2010
Kris Apps Talays 2010
David Falzon Wangaratta AUSSI 2010
Brian Hall Bunbury 2010
Gordon Creek Lake Macquarie 2010
Helga Duncan Campbelltown Collegians 2010
Ken McDonald Uni Wahoos 2009
Moira Wigley Dawrin Stingers 2009
Margaret Cloucher Hobart Dolphins 2009
Pamela Badani Armadale 2009
Graham Senders Bold Park 2009
Cyril Baldock Coogee-Randwick 2008
Diana McHenry Launceston Lemmings 2008
Dawn Thompson Campbelltown 2008
Melva McCarron Twin Towns 2007
Ken Liddy Twin Towns 2007
Tricia Liddy Twin Towns 2007
John Coleman Redcliffe Peninsula 2007
Lynn Bartlett Ipswich City 2007
Katalin Morden Brisbane Southside 2007
Mike Dooley Brisbane Northside 2007
Gail Parsons Stadium Snappers 2006
Majory Muller Adelaide Masters 2006
Ray Brien Launceston 2006
Robyn Brown Maroin 2006
Roy Swan Coogee-Randwick 2006
Kay Hutchins Rum City 2006
Les Young Hobart Dolphins 2006
Kiku Mukai Brisbane Southside 2006
Greg Smith Sunshine Coast 2005
Peter Long Seaside Pirates 2005
Ian Goudie Oceana 2005
Tony Dunn Twin Towns 2005
Norman Wooster Sunshine Coast 2005
Sample Description
Anne Smyth Tuggeranong 2021
Jelle Lahnstein Adelaide Masters 2021
Robert Kirkbride Oak Flats 2020
John Miles Sunshine Coast Masters 2020
Kylie Woods Bushrangers 2019
Jennifer Mulqueen Tea Tree Gully 2019
Sally Hatcher Blue Mountains Phoenix 2019
Darryl Flukes Surrey Park Seahorses 2019
Dee Greenwood Surrey Park Seahorses 2019
David G Bale Tuggeranong Vikings 2019
David Davies Carine Masters 2018
Caroline Makin Tuggeranong Masters Swimming ACT 2018
Mark Thompson Campbelltown Masters 2018
Clive Griffin Ipswich City Masters 2018
John Marshall Malvern Marlins 2018
Lynn Bartlett Ipswich City Masters 2018
Nicholas Grinter Tuggeranong Vikings 2018
Nerida Murray Blue Mountains Phoenix 2018
Michael Lynch Twin Towns Masters Swimming 2017
Sue Wiles Blue Mountains Phoenix 2017
Bevan Goodreid Cockburn Masters 2017
Theresa Elliot Claremont 2017
Adrian Tonkin Darwin Stingers 2017
Brenda Day Tuggeranong 2017
Jamie Turner Ryde Aussi Masters 2017
Peter Kaupert Warringah Masters 2017
Tracy Clarkson Brisbane Northside Masters 2016
Jennifer Napier Launceston Masters 2019
Penny Lucas  Hobart Aquatic Masters 2017
Conrad Gleeson Twin Towns 2017
Greg Smith Sunshine Coast 2017
Pamela Walter Stadium Masters 2016
Helen Holmes Brisbane Southside 2016
Sandra Mutch Swan Hills Masters 2016
Jen Thomasson Brisbane Southside 2016
Kate Lewis Campbelltown Collegians 2016
Graham Senders Claremont Masters 2016
John Pollock Darwin Stingers 2015
Kris Apps Talays Masters 2015
Rod Oliver Launceston Lemmings 2015
Noel Peters Warringah Masters 2014
Moira Wigley Darwin Stingers 2014
Paul Somerfield Twin Towns 2013
Kiku Mukai Brisbane Southside 2013
Tony Stanton Albany Masters 2013
Stanley Jacobs BrisbaneSouthside 2012
Robyn Payne Barbarians 2012
Gerry Tucker Malvern Marlins 2012
Rob Lucas Mackay Masters 2011
Anne McKenzie Sunshine Coast 2009
George Stewart Sunshine Coast 2009
Diana Fabijan Adelaide Masters 2008
Colin Cliff West Auburn 2007
Peter Forester Toowoomba Milne Bay 2005
Ian Redpath Brisbane Southside 2005
Peter Cain Cairns Legends 2005
John Pugh Launceston Lemmings 2005
Moira Wigley Darwin Stingers 2019
Paul Somerfield Twin Towns Masters 2019
Jen Thomasson Brisbane Southside Masters 2018
Kiku Mukai Brisbane Southside Masters 2018
Rob Lucas Noosa Masters 2018
Gerry Tucker Malvern Marlins 2018
Katie Lewis Campbelltown Collegians 2017
Barb Brooks North Lodge 2015
John Pugh Launceston Lemmings 2014
Colin Cliff Wests Auburn 2011
Diana Fabijan Adelaide Masters 2011
Don Taylor Cairns sea Eagles 2010
Peter Cain Cairns Legends 2008
Ian Repath Brisbane 2006
Don Taylor Toowoomba Tadpoles 2020
Peter Cain Cairns Clams 2019
Diana Fabijan Adelaide Masters 2016
Stu Fitch Darwin Stingers 2009
Diana Fabijan Adelaide Masters 2021
Peter Cain Cairns Clams 2021
Stu Fitch Darwin Stingers 2009
Peter Niere Malvern Marlins 2021