Installing the App

The Million Metres app lives on the web and is not available through Google Play or the App Store.

Go to the app by following this link or scanning the QR code from your mobile device

  • On the sign-in screen, enter your email address
  • You will be required to indicate that you agree to the ‘Terms & Conditions.
    After tapping the Continue button, a PIN will be sent to the nominated email address, which must then be entered in the subsequent screen.
    …. view Terms & Conditions
    • If you are new to the Million Metres programme, you will be prompted to enter your details – email address, name, club name and MSA membership number.
      – make sure you have these details at hand before you begin
      – note, you cannot share an email address with someone else on the app
    • If you are an existing Million Metres program award winner, your details will have been pre-populated, including an opening balance equal to the distance of your latest award.
  • Whether you are a new or an existing participant in the Million metres program, if you have existing swim records and wish to utilise the app to continue your journey, please forward a record of your swims to date to After verification:
    • if a scan of a manually completed form is submitted, your opening balance will be increased accordingly
    • if a compatible Excel spreadsheet is submitted, your swims will be uploaded to the system
    • if a compatible download of records from a wearable device or other app like Strava is submitted, we will do our best to upload the data to the system
  • You can now start entering your swims directly on your mobile device from poolside, or any time you like.

Saving the App to your device

The Million Metres app lives on the web – but can still be added to your home screen like regular apps.

Important note: adding the Million Metres app to your phone’s Home Screen is essential for easy regular access – your profile will be remembered, and you will not need to sign in each time.

Some phones may give a pop-up prompt to do so, but you can add the app to your Home Screen at any time – select your device to view instructions:

Using the App

  • Tap on the “My Swims” tab at the bottom of the screen
  • The My Swims screen will display your Total Swim Distance recorded to date, a Log of Recent Swims (the last 100 or so swims recorded) and an Archived Swim Distance (swims not included in the Log of Recent Swims).
  • Tap the blue button to open the Add New Swims form.
    Here you can enter the date and distance for a new swim, and in a few seconds you will see the distance added to to total on the My Swims tab

    That’s all there is to it – how easy is that!

Once your recorded Total Swim Distance reaches a milestone in the program, you will be automatically prompted with a link to submit an online application for recognition of your achievement.

Other features

  • Tap the “Awards” tab tab at the bottom of the screen, and then one of the buttons to view:

  • Tap the Hamburger menu icon at top left of screen for additional menu items