MSA is introducing recognition of Coaching Excellence in 2023.

Coaching Excellence may be demonstrated in various ways, whether that be via coaching on pool deck or contributing to improved swimmer performance behind the scenes. Coaches who give generously of their time, knowledge and experience to help swimmers improve are highly valued and deserve to be recognised by their Branch, club and squad.

The MSA Coaching Excellence Awards are intended to recognise coaches at the national level who demonstrate excellence in delivering positive outcomes for Masters swimmers.

Format of the Award

Awarding the MSA recognition of Coaching Excellence will take the following format:

This will be an annual award process that stems from the grass roots of the organisation – the member swimmers.

Nominations can be submitted by:

  • An MSA member
  • An MSA Club, or
  • An MSA Branch.

There is no limit on the number of awards in any given year except self-limiting by the degree of excellence. The nominations should encompass Excellence that has been demonstrated in the previous 12-month period but may include an historical contribution over a sustained period of time.

The Nominated Coach must be a current financial member of MSA at close of nominations and hold a minimum of MSA Club Coach accreditation.

How to submit a nomination

Nominations are to be submitted via the online form (below) for consideration by the National Coaching Committee (NCC) for ratification by the MSA National Board of Management (NBM).

Nominations Close: Extended to the 31 January 2024

Presentation: The recognition Award(s) will be announced and presented at the National Championships dinner and re-presented at the following SCTA Conference 

Form of Award:

  • Certificate of Recognition of Coaching Excellence and a sponsor’s Coach Excellence voucher.
  • All nominees will receive a digital Certificate of Appreciation for their contribution to Masters coaching.

Important Information 

  • The Nominated Coach must be a current financial member of MSA at close of nominations and hold a minimum of MSA Club Coach accreditation.
  • Please note you can save the online form before submission to be able to add to it/edit it but once submitted it is final.
  • When submitting the nomination please have the Coaches MSA Member number and Coaching ID # (please contact your Club, Branch or National Office if unsure of the details)
  • Supporting documents and evidence to be submitted are:
    • An outline of how your coach has demonstrated excellence in coaching
    • Any other supporting evidence to put forward of your Coaches contributions
    • A photo of the nominee (if available)
  • Accepted forms of files for uploading include
    • Documents:       pdf, doc, docx
    • Excel:                  xls, xlsx, csv
    • Image:                jpg, jpeg, png
    • Max file size is 20MB


This set of criteria is intended to provide broad guidance to anyone intending to propose a coach for an MSA Coaching Excellence Award. The criteria for an MSA Coaching Excellence Award may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Outstanding innovation – has developed new and successful methods or approaches to coaching.
  2. Technical excellence – has been highly effective applying MSA coaching methods.
  3. Significant contribution – has provided an acclaimed contribution to the development of MSA coaching.
  4. Outstanding resourcefulness – has adapted local circumstances to achieve most effective outcomes.
  5. Conspicuous performance – has made a significant contribution to the fitness and wellbeing of Masters swimmers.
  6. Exemplary achievement – demonstrated the qualities that exemplify a Masters coach.
  7. Knowledge champion – developed a high level of knowledge of Masters swimming and readily passed on that knowledge to swimmers and/or other Masters coaches.
  8. Early achievement – made a positive start to coaching within the first two years of qualifying as an MSA coach.
  9. Distinguished career – outstanding success as a Masters coach and coach mentor over an extended period (of at least 10 years).


Some examples of coaching that might be deserving of an excellence award:

  1. Developed innovative and effective methods of coaching that have highly motivated Masters swimmers to participate in a comprehensive training program and have resulted in significant improvement.
  2. Provided new insight into the challenges of coaching Masters swimmers (such as older swimmers), explained that insight in a document or other media that can be shared with other coaches, and offered viable solutions to coaching challenges.
  3. Developed training regimes that significantly improved the performance of Masters swimmers. For example, the training regimes may focus on one or more strokes, be designed for sprinters, or focus on starting and turning skills.
  4. Developed swimming drills and dryland exercises that significantly improved the stroke technique of Masters swimmers.
  5. Developed effective methods for monitoring the progress of Masters swimmers and providing effective feedback that improved the performance of Masters swimmers over time.
  6. Developed effective methods for improving the technique of Masters swimmers who are starting from a low ability baseline or returning to swimming after an extended period away from swimming.
  7. Developed effective methods for coaching swimmers in open water swimming techniques.
  8. Demonstrated outstanding promise as a newly qualified coach (within two years of gaining their MSA coaching qualification) by inspiring their squad to improved levels of achievement.
  9. Developed an outstanding package of training programs across a 12-month period that have provided a sound basis for swimmer development both individually and at squad or club level.


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