Who is Masters Swimming Australia?

Masters Swimming Australia Inc. (MSA) is the peak body for adult swimmers aged 18 and above. It is a non government, not for profit organisation, constituted in 1975. Masters Swimming Australia Inc. used to be referred to as “AUSSI”, which is an acronym for “Australian Union of Senior Swimmers International”. This acronym was dropped from the name in October 2009. The organisation does not receive funding from any government source, however some Branches are eligible for and receive funding from State Governments. Who is Masters Swimming Australia?

Mission Statement   

MSA aims to provide at Club, Branch, and National level an environment to encourage all adults, regardless of ability, to swim regularly and compete in order to promote fitness and improve their general wellbeing.  To support and encourage adults, regardless of age and ability, to swim regularly through training, competition, and participation so that they can improve their mental and physical health, fitness and wellbeing.






The National Board of Management is responsible for the governance and overall direction of the organisation, with the day-to-day running of the organisation being the responsibility of the staff in the National Office. The National Board of Management comprises the President, Finance Director and three other elected members, who must meet a minimum of twice a year, but usually meet between four to six times per year.

In addition, there are two General Meetings involving the Branches, one of which is the Annual General Meeting held in Autumn in conjunction with the annual National Championships.The other meeting is held in Spring. There are three permanent national committees – the coaching, swim meet, and technical committees. The National Recorder oversees the correct registration of results and records for branches and national. Their role is also to refer potential world records to the international recorder for FINA verification.

National Office

The National Office structure employs a General Manager (reporting directly to the National Board of Management), and one Administrator.

The National Office undertakes the following duties:

  • Liaises with National Committees
  • Develops National policies
  • Provides national insurance policies
  • Maintains the national website
  • Produces and distributes e-newsletters
  • Co-ordinates communications between National Board of Management and Branches
  • Sources partnerships, strategic alliances, sponsorship and funding at the national level
  • Liaises with Swimming Australia, FINA, and ASCTA on relevant matters
  • Sanctions International and National Masters Swimming events
  • Provides guidance and assistance in the organisation of the National Championships and Masters Games swimming events
  • Develops and approves accredited coaching and technical courses
  • Organises a National Swim Camp
  • Manages the Vorgee Million Metre Awards and Vorgee Endurance 1000
  • Publishes National records and National Top 10 results
  • Maintains awards such as the Masters Coach of the Year, Official of the Year and Volunteer of the Year
  • Maintains the national archives
  • Administers the Victorian Branch


There are seven Branches within Australia. Each Branch employs an administrator (either full or part-time) and has various committees to oversee Branch activities, such as championship meets, the sanctioning of interclub meets, distribution of information kits for new members and new clubs, e-newsletters, technical courses for Officials, coaching courses for Coaches and coaching clinics for coaches and/or swimmers.

Club Level

The programs and services available at club level vary from club to club, but generally include a safe, managed environment to encourage fitness, friendship and fun, coaching by qualified Masters Swimming Coaches, social events, interclub swim meets, time-trials, endurance swims and club badged clothing.


Total members vary from year to year, with approximately 6,500 members from 190+ clubs located throughout the seven Branches within Australia. Members join Masters Swimming Clubs, who are affiliated to their respective Branch. All seven Branches are affiliated to MSA.

How do I join?

You can find out more on the Membership page. To join, visit the Branches page and go to your Branch’s website or contact them to find a club that suits your needs. Once you find the right club, you will need to create a profile or login using your existing profile online through the Swim Central , search for your club and pay the fee to become a member.

Masters swimming clubs can also often be contacted through local pools and sports centres, and some are listed in the Yellow Pages under ‘swimming clubs’. You are welcome to swim as a guest with a Masters club for a month before deciding to join.


Clubs offer various programs, such as regular training and stroke correction with qualified coaches, fun events and social activities. Competitions are available at Club, Branch, National and International levels. Competitive opportunities are also available through Postal swims, the Vorgee Endurance 1000 program and Vorgee Million Metres Awards. Masters Swimming Australia Branches offer Technical Courses for officials and Coaching Courses for coaches, as well as coaching clinics for coaches and/or swimmer