Become a Club Coach

Are you interested in becoming a Club Coach?

Perhaps you already have some coaching experience and want to upgrade your qualifications to be an accredited Masters Club Coach.

Our coaches are a club’s greatest asset. They are often the reason swimmers join a Masters club.

Whatever your background, becoming a Club Coach can be a rewarding personal experience and a valuable contribution to the swimming community.

The Masters Swimming Australia (MSA) Club Coach Accreditation Program  provides trainees with the basic coaching knowledge and skills of swimming to enable them to be effective Masters coaches. The course has an integrated learning structure which allows for flexible transition from theory to practice through self-paced online learning and assessment and practical pool deck experience and mentoring.

This course is accredited with Sport Australia in line with National Sporting Organisation Quality Assurance guidelines.

A MSA Club Coach will be able to:

  • Recognise and promote the benefits of swimming for adults.
  • Provide a safe environment for all adult swimmers regardless of age, ability or gender.
  • Apply the basic training principles to the development of an adult swimmer.
  • Provide an environment and approach conducive for adult swimmers to learn new skills.
  • Observe and evaluate the adult swimmer’s technique and performance.
  • Plan, prepare, conduct and evaluate training sessions that cater for the varying needs of adult swimmers.
  • Understand, implement, monitor and adapt a seasonal plan for adult swimmers of varying levels.
  • Guide adult swimmers to self-manage their development by sourcing additional information to improve their swimming performance.
  • Communicate effectively the details of MSA rules, programs and events, to adult swimmers.
  • Apply self-reflection methods to coaching performance.


There are different pathways to become an accredited Masters Swimming Club Coach. Your previous coaching qualifications and experience will determine which pathway you will be in, with each requiring you to undertake different steps in the process of accreditation, as detailed below.
    • Pathway A: I have never coached before
    • Pathway B: I have coached adult swimmers before
    • Pathway C: I have coached age-group swimmers before but not adults
    • Pathway D: I hold a Swimming Australia Bronze Coach licence (or higher) but have not coached adults
    • Pathway E: I hold a Swimming Australia Bronze Coach licence (or higher) and have coached adults
    • RCC: I have significant coaching qualifications and experience to apply for Recognition of Current Competency (RCC)
  • PD: I am a current Masters coach and would like to refresh my knowledge and update my skills.
  Pathways to Club Coach Accreditation
Coach Code of Behaviour Agreement
Hours observing an adult squad 5hrs 5hrs 5hrs 5hrs
Community Coaching General Principles online course (free)
Swimming Australia Masters Club Coaching Online Course ($95) if required
Online Club Coach Workshop
Practical Poolside Assessment if required
Verification of 30 hrs coaching if required
RCC application
CPR Course
As a MSA accredited Club Coach it is recommended that you undertake continuous improvement activities to enable your re-accreditation

In 2020 the MSA Club Coach accreditation period was aligned with Swimming Australia (the National Sporting Organisation(NSO) responsible for the accreditation of all courses that MSA conducts) and is now valid for three years from date of accreditation.

  • Please note if you want to do the MSA Online Club Coach Course as PD to refresh your knowledge and update your skills click on REGISTER here to begin tab

  • If you are wanting to apply for re-accreditation without doing the MSA Online Club Coach Course as PD please follow the steps below and email your forms to your Branch Administrator
    • Re-accreditation form : Fill in the MSA Club Coach Application for Re-accreditation form

    • Coach Updating Log: Use the this form as a guide for your eligibility for re-accreditation when it expires. When you attend any approved updating activity, you should fill in the appropriate details and obtain verification from the co-ordinator of the activity.

    • Code Of Behaviour: Complete this form