Posted on Tuesday 14th April, 2020

MSA Coach of the Year 2019


Congratulations to Greg Gourley for his outstanding contribution in coaching and towards the development of coaching at all levels of Masters Swimming. 

Greg has had an outstanding year in coaching. Through the active development of his coaching knowledge, he has made a significant contribution towards progressing swimmers at a club level, but most notably has been actively involved in developing coaches and swimmers at a Branch level through the running of many workshops throughout NSW.  

Greg has been a coach at Tuggeranong Masters for over 10 years. As a collaborative leader, he is an integral part of the Tuggeranong Coaching team and has assisted in developing the Tuggeranong year planner including macro and micro cycles. 

Greg is an innovative coach and his swim sessions are always thoroughly planned with a focus, ensuring differentiation for all swimmers’ goals and abilities.  One of Greg’s main goals is to foster inclusion and cohesion in the club and to make it fun! 

Thank you, Greg, for your wonderful contribution to Masters Swimming in 2019, you are a very deserved winner!