Membership of Multiple Clubs

Members can join as many clubs as they like, including clubs in different states if desired.  The primary club shall be referred to as the member’s First Claim Club. All other clubs shall be referred to as the member’s Second Claim Club. For a First Claim Club, the club member will pay the required Club, Branch and National components of the membership fee.

For any subsequent club memberships, the swimmer will pay:

  • Only the club fee if all clubs are within the same Branch
  • OR a club plus Branch fee if any clubs are in different Branches
  • Please note Club fees are set by the clubs and paid to the Clubs – only Branch fees will be charged through Swim Central

Points gained by a club member in the Vorgee National Endurance 1000 Competition shall accrue to the members First Claim Club. In swim meets, the member may represent any club of which they are a member, provided that the swimmer does not swim for more than one club at the same meet.

A member retains the same membership number even if they join more than one club and in Swim Central you will only have ONE login and ONE profile – you will have your First Claim and Second Claim products visible under your ONE membership profile

Please note:

  • you must be financial with your First Claim Club before proceeding any further
  • you need to place a Second Claim request each year – the system does not automatically process Second Claims each year so you will need to fill this form in each year you want to Second Claim with another Club.
  • 2024 Second Claim memberships only start to be processed in January 2024.


To make a second claim request:

  • Make sure you are financial for the year with your first claim club
  • Submit this Second Claim request form (You will receive a confirmation email on submission of your form)
  • MSA will then contact and seek approval from your requested second claim club if it is a new one (it can help if you contact the second claim club and let them know you are going to submit a request form) or process your renewing second claim or if you were an immediate First Claim member of the club you are requesting a second claim with without seeking approval from your club
  • Email confirmation will be sent to you once this has been completed
  • Your membership number will remain the same as your first claim (primary) club and now in Swim Central you will only have ONE login and profile
  • Interstate second claim members – You can join a club in another state in Australia but you will be required to pay that Branch fee. For example, if you are a first claim member in NSW and wish to join a second club in VIC, a Branch fee component is applicable. This amount varies in each state. You will be emailed information on how to pay once your second claim profile has been set up. You then need to pay a club fee where applicable.
  • Same state second claim members – As a second claim member within the same state you are not required to pay the national and state fee components again. If a club fee is applicable you will need to organise this payment directly to your club.