Masters Swimming Australia is asking clubs to get behind the ‘Just One More‘ club membership drive!

It could be Just One more accredited coach, Just One more member, Just One more event , Just One More BBQ or Just One More team kit!

Seeing our clubs in their uniforms at swimming meets is a terrific way to build camaraderie and a sense of team; funds from a grant could help to offset the purchase of new club uniforms, or the development of a club uniform ‘kit,’ consisting of matching uniform and swimwear.

An example of a kit by the Sydney Wett Ones, who also offer members a discount on a pack of uniform including a shirt, swim wear and swimming cap.

A grant may offset the cost of individual items for members.

Think about asking your local pool whether you can erect a permanent sign advertising your squad/club and pointing prospective members in the right direction. A grant could be a way to install a sign to tell more people about you and your club.

Pull buoys, kickboards, fins, bands – all the equipment that helps a swimming club operate! But do you find they somehow grow legs and walks away? Clubs may wish to purchase new equipment, or additional equipment if the club is growing, and even lockable/secure storage boxes to keep the equipment safe at the local pool.

Is your club banner looking a bit old? Or has it been lost? Why not consider seeking a grant to get a new banner to take to swimming carnivals, or to display at your local swimming pool? Raising the visibility of our clubs helps to attract new members, as well as to demonstrate the pride of existing members in belonging to your great club.