Swimming Competition

Masters Swimming Australia is asking clubs to get behind the ‘Just One More‘ club membership drive!

It could be Just One more accredited coach, Just One more member, Just One more team kit or Just One More Meet!

We are keen to see our clubs back in the water competing for fitness, friendship, and fun.

Clubs may wish to hold a small ‘intra-club’ or ‘multi-club’ event, where one, two or more clubs go head to head in a small tussle.

The grant can help defray the cost of pool and equipment hire to keep the participation cost for members low.

The club could organise a single or multi-day swimming camp; funds from the grant could cover the cost of pool hire, coaches and a social gathering for members.

This may help to reduce the cost to members to a nominal fee, or no fee at all.

 Some clubs have been innovators throughout COVID lockdowns, moving their regular training to virtual catchups. But, with restrictions on group gatherings easing, we want to see our clubs get together again in person.

Clubs may wish to seek a grant to hold a club event to bring members back together, or to encourage new members to join.

What would it take to attract new members to your club? A free boot camp? Flyers distributed at your local pool? Targeted advertising on social media?

A grant can help cover the costs of these events/projects. Remember, prospective members can swim without membership (including insurance) for up to one month, giving people time to have get comfortable with squad swimming – does that factor into your membership drive plan?