Masters Swimming Australia is asking clubs to get behind the ‘Just One More‘ club membership drive!

It could be Just One more Just One more member, Just One more event , Just One More team kit or Just One More accredited coach

Masters Swimming Australia will need all club coaches to be qualified to perform their coaching duties.

A club may seek a grant to cover the cost of online coach accreditation or qualification for each of their coaches, or for prospective club coaches.

Swimmers have expressed an interest in finessing their swimming skills, something which can be hard to do in regular squad sessions.

A grant may be a way to hire additional lane space and the time of a coach to undertake intensive stroke correction classes, for either developing and/or advanced swimmers

The club could organise a single or multi-day swimming camp.

Funds from the grant could cover the cost of pool hire, coaches and a social gathering for members. This may help to reduce the cost to members to a nominal fee, or no fee at all.

Clubs may also wish to purchase a uniform/shirt for their coaches which enables their coaches to stand out on the pool deck